Other Beauty Treatments

Waxing – We use a PHD waxing system and Hot Wax.  We provide for full body waxing.

For bikini areas, it will be much more comfortable if the hair is between 5-10mm.  You may trim your hair before coming for your treatment.  If you are planning to go on holiday and thinking about having bikini line wax and you have not had waxing before, try once before you go.

Bikini Line – only the sides outside your underwear are waxed
Brazilian – leaves a broad central strip but all else is removed except the very intimate areas
Hollywood – everything is removed.

Ear Piercing 

Ear Piercing is available in the salon.   Under 18 should be accompanied with their parent or guardian to give written consent.  Aftercare solution is provided to take home.


The all new FLABéLOS has been designed to help you shake the flab off!! It works by enhancing your proprioception (instant muscle reaction to external forces) and exploiting the muscles your body uses to balance itself.

The benefits of using the FLABéLOS will be improved posture, flexibility, blood circulation and muscle strength. The FLABéLOS is compact and is THE machine that will shake you to becoming healthier, fitter and slimmer!


– Tone muscles and enhance proprioception (instant muscle reaction to external forces)

– Improved muscle endurance and flexibility workouts to target the large muscle groups including thighs, calves, abdominals, etc.

– Improved stamina and blood circulation

– Increases metabolism thus helping to burn more calories

– It’s a very powerful cardiovascular workout with very low impact on joints.